I know for myself, I have more concern about memory problems, than a physical problem that could happen in my later years. I think a fair amount of baby boomers also feel this way. It seems a week never goes by when you read or hear something about the exploding cases of memory loss. I personally feel there are many situations we can control. There are the hereditary cases of course. The American diet has wreaked havoc on more than just our waistlines, unfortunately.

A study found on NBC News site talks about different eating plans that are good for both your brain and your heart. Funny how a diet good for your brain is called the MIND diet. It seems what is good for one is also good for the other. Exercise is touted as the fountain of youth in more ways than one. An article on NBC News website speaks to this. For a long time, I felt exercise is the fountain of youth. If we were to do only one good thing for ourselves, exercise appears to be number one. Moderate exercise seems to have many benefits. No need to be a triathlete to benefit from regular fun exercise.