I know for myself, I have more concern about memory problems, than a physical problem that could happen in my later years. I think a fair amount of baby boomers also feel this way. It seems a week never goes by when you read or hear something about the exploding cases of memory loss. I personally feel there are many situations we can control. There are the hereditary cases of course. The American diet has wreaked havoc on more than just our waistlines, unfortunately.

While on a recent vacation to Arizona for some lovely sunny weather, I picked up a “First For Women Magazine” it outlined a new book called, Genius Foods. I was happy to get my hands on that info. I have checked out the paper and audio book from the library. My mom died from dementia and this author, Max Lugavere’s mom presently has dementia. He went on a crusade to find answers for treatment and prevention. I am now incorporating all the foods he speaks of. I used many of them anyway. I recommend this bood to anyone who wants to improve their memory, preserve it and lose weight. The doctor assisting him on this book lost 100 pounds over the course of a year followig this plan.