Work at Home

While you scroll through some of the sites below, they can appear to be for young people. Advertising tends to be geared that way with the models they chose. Because all of these are work at home opportunities, age will be no factor.

Legitimate websites for those who would like to work from home:

Live Ops is a company that links those who would like to work in a customer service call center type environment.
Upwork offers many skill levels. You can work in virtual assistant jobs, artistic, computer programming, so many to list. Here you are a freelancer. is specifically for people in midlife and beyond.
Guru is similar to Upwork as they link a variety of skilled people with those looking for the skills needed.
Shutterstock is a website you can become a contributor and sell photos you take. I am presently doing this. They are micro-comissions so this is not a get rich quick option. It is fun to see what photos people buy. I have sold around 175, most of mine are repeats. I only have around 200 photos up there so I felt good to sell that many.