Fav Health Products

Vitamix Blenders are one of my all time favorite products. I leave mine on the counter. I use it almost everyday. A few of my friends said they could not believe I would buy a blender that costs that much. I bought it in 2009. I have had it nine years. It comes with a seven year warranty, a beautiful cookbook and is priceless to me.  It is self cleaning. No need to take it apart. Put a little dish soap in it, fill about one third of the way with water, put on the lid and turn on high for a minute. Then rinse and it is ready to use next time.

Garden of Life, Meal Replacement is the main protein in a pinch, I use. I first tried the small size. I have tried a lot of protein shakes and had to throw several of them away. I buy vanilla. It mixes well on its own or with fruits and veggies without over powering them. It has a little grit, but does not bother me. If you blend it with berries, banana’s, pineapple, etc. It is even better. I am on a weight loss program right now so I go plain or with some light almond milk.  It is vegan if that is important to you and if you are low-carb, net carbs is one if you only add water. Berries, such as raspberries, won’t add many carbs either. 

Garden of Life, Ultra Primal Defense Probiotics are the brand I use. I like them to be shelf stable. This one has soil based probiotics. I read about them in the book called, Eat Dirt, by Dr. Axe. It is an interesting book. He became a naturopath doctor after his mom had cancer. He has some interesting information on his website. He does sell a bunch of products there. I tend to read health info and then shop around for products to get the best deal.